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ベトナム::ハノイ Vietnam::Hanoi 2007-11-02 => 11-10
kD(1000 Vietnamese Don) = Yen 7
$(US$) = Yen 130
11-02/03(金 Fr/土 Sa)
AM10:00 KIXをTGにて出発。マニラで乗換時(左写真),おなじみのウベアイスクリーム (Y150)。 BKK新空港にて再度乗り換え夕刻ハノイ ノイバイ空港着。タクシー($10)にて予約していたゲストハウス($15. 騒がしく不潔)へ。翌朝近所(ドンスアン市場,ドンハ-門,ロンビエン駅)を散歩。
Left Osaka KIX at 10:00. In transfer at Manila, ate favorite "ube" ice-cream (Y150). After another transfer at new BKK airport, arrived in Hanoi Noibai Airport in the evening, then reached the guest house which I reserved from Japan for $15. The guest house was found noisy and not clean. On the succeeding morning, walked around the guest house (Dong Xuan Market, Dong Ha Gate).

Ube ice-cream at Ninoi Aquino (Manila) Airport.

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Ha Gate
ゲストハウスをチェックアウトし,ホアンキエム湖近くのGold Dragon Hotelに移動。このホテルはツーリスト地区にある。通りにはホテル,旅行代理店,食堂,喫茶店等があるが,概して静か。,ホテルはよく管理されており,受付の女性は英語をよく話し,階段は緩やか,受付には旅行代理店を併設。オプションツアーを押し付けがましく勧めてこない。階下で無料インターネット可,日本語は文字化。従業員も友好的で親切。部屋は大変清潔で十分広い。エアコン・テレビ・冷蔵庫付き,朝食なし。毎朝,ホテル前の路上に麺類・花・果物・野菜等の物売りが出る。早朝近所の肉屋が豚肉を叩き切る音が聞こえる。好感の持てるホテル。
Checked out the disgusting guest house, and moved to Gold Dragon Hotel close to Lake Hoan Kiem.The hotel is located in tourist area. There are hotels, tour offices, restaurants, coffee shops, on the street, but generally quiet. The hotel is well managed, the lady at reception counter speaks fluent English, staircases is not steep, travel agent in downstairs, She recommended optional tours but not in pushy manner. Staffs are friendly and kind. The room is very clean and large enough, Air conditioner, TV and mini-bar furnished, breakfast not served. Every morning, vendors of noodles, flowers, fruits, etc. gather on the street. In early morning, heard some noises from a nearby butcher chopping pork. I love Gold Dragon Hotel.

Gold Dragon Hotel ($15)

View from lobby

Street in front of the hotel

Took 3rd-floor room.

Clean bath room.
Views from the room.

Lake side of Hoan Kiem.

Tall trees along every street.
Flood of motor cycles.
Contaminated air.

フォーのチェーン店『Pho 24』にて30Kd。
Pho (30kd) at Pho-24 chain.

ホアンキエム湖畔の緑溢れる喫茶店にてコーヒー(15Kd)。 ホテルから近い。スーパーマーケット『Intimex』も近い。
Coffee(15kd) at greenful garden cafe (Hoan Kiem lake side). Near to the hotel. Supermarket "Intimex" is also near.


On the way back from week-end night bazaar in Hanoi's old city, took dinner at a local restaurant. Cost only 70kD for us (two), including bia hoi (home-made beer), dog's meat and many many foods. We found the trace on dog's meat that the skin had been shaved.
11-04 (日 Su)

Enjoyed joyful and childish puppetry at great Than Long Puppet Theatre (lake side of Hoan Kiem).

Hanoi St. Joseph Cathedral
.Many boutiques and souvenir shops in this area.

ホテル横のツーリスト向けベトナム料理店『Bao Khanh』にて夕食。
2階はテーブルにキャンドルなどあり,窓からは涼しい風がきていい雰囲気。大変美味しく価格も手ごろ。,こんなに沢山で,たった175Kd. バナナの花のサラダ,空芯菜炒め 釜飯風のご飯が美味しい。
Dinner at restaurant "Bao Khanh" in the neighborhood of our hotel. Good atmosphere in 2nd floor with candle on each table, delicious Vietnamese foods, and breeze through the window. Reasonable prices (cost only 175kD in total). Banana-flower salad, sauteed morning glories and plain rice cooked-served in a small ceramic pot are nice.

Papaya (10kD)

コーヒー(10kD),サンドイッチ(10kD,サイゴンの方が美味しい)。Coffee(10kD) & Sandwich(10kd, Saigon's one is more tasty.)

Went to Thong Nhat Park. You have to pay attention to fake personnels at the entrance gate whom we paid 10-time fee of 20kD.

On the way back from Thong Nhat Park, took lunch at restaurant
"Nem n Nem" specialized in raw spring rolls. Very clean and modern, not so cheap, not so tasty as we expected.
11-06 (火 Tu)
Ha Long Bay Tour. Not so great as we expected, but enjoyed conversations with various tourists from Vietnamese local cities, Korea and Germany.

Lunch on board

11-07 (水 We)
11-08 (木 Th)

Enormous "Ba Dinh" Plaza

Ho Chi Minh
Mausoleum under repair (closed)

Presidential Palace
Ho Chi Minh's Residence
Bach Tao Botanical Garden

Bach Tao Botanical Garden (Not introduced in guide books.)

Photographing a new couple in the garden.

Very tasty boiled peanuts bought in front of the park. for 20kD

Lake Tay, biggest in Hanoi.

Great 3-layered ice-cream (15kD) at ice-cream shop near to Lake Tay.

11-09 (金 Fr)
11-10 (土 Sa)

Walked along Lake side of Hoan Kiem.

Good bye Hanoi! Center in photo is a kind and able hotel manager. The hotel itself was very good, but the airport taxi ($10) that the hotel hired for us was a nightmare. Throughout heavy traffic jam, the driver kept on talking over mobile phone. We were on pins and needles.
11-05 (月 Mo)

A terrorist in front of a church on the way

『アオダイ』土産ショッピングセンター。 このお姐さんの甘言に乗せられ沢山買ったが,後でスーパーに行くと半値以下だった。
A great souvenir shopping center "Aodai". With 1000 honeyed words, this girl successfully let us buy many items, but later we found similar items below almost half prices at a local super market.
ホテル横のツーリスト向けベトナム料理店『Bao Khanh』にて昼食で鳩丸焼き等を食べる。124Kd.
Lunch at restaurant "Bao Khanh" in the neighborhood of our hotel. Broiled pigeon, etc. cost 124Kd.
Also visited Hoa Lo Prison where we saw many cells, tortue gears and other disgusting things used in French colonization, Japanese occupation and Vietnam War eras. Victims' names are displayed so that people do not forget them forever.

Around Dong Xuan Market
ホテル横のツーリスト向けベトナム料理店『Bao Khanh』にて夕食。143Kd.
Dinner at restaurant "Bao Khanh" in the neighborhood of our hotel. 143Kd.

旧市街の『69 Bar Restaurant』で昼食。
Lunch at 69 Bar Restaurant in Old City
Dong Xuan Market
. High-quality dried squids recommended, Only 200 Kd/Kg

"Che" (Fruits in powdered ice and sweetest condensed milk)
"Bao Ton Ton Tao Pho Co Ha Noi". A happy Japanese between two Vietnamese beauties.
Took lunch at restaurant "Cha Ca La Vong" specialized in Snake-head Fishsauteed in pan..140KD/2 persons. Not so good as we expected. Saw mice running on the family altar (right photo).
菓子屋『バインゴット』にてケーキを8ヶ買う。たった25Kd。 美味しい。
Bought 8 pcs of cakes (only 25 Kd.) at confectioner "Banh Ngot". Nice!
ホテル横のツーリスト向けベトナム料理店『Bao Khanh』にて夕食。129Kd.
Dinner at restaurant "Bao Khanh" in the neighborhood of our hotel. 129Kd.
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